Moving, whether down the street or across the country, isn’t how most people want to spend their weekends — and if you have specialty collections like exotic plants, cars, or wine — it can make moving that much more difficult.

At Harrison Moving, we are your local Portsmouth movers for all of your belongings — no matter how typical or unique they are! Follow along in today’s post to learn about packing and moving wine!

Don’t Lose Your Wine Stock!

While wine bottles may seem easy and simple to move, just like any other fragile item, you probably don’t want to part with your expensive pinot noir you’ve been saving for a rainy day!

Tag up with your local liquor store or order wine-specific boxes online. These handy boxes come with six to 12 spaces with either styrofoam or cardboard dividers to help keep bottles in place during the transport creating a collision-free space. These boxes are more are the expensive side, but of you’re serious about your wine collection, they are a must.

Once you have a nice number of wine packing boxes, you can begin packing. Regardless of whether the bottom is taped and seems secure, it may be of great service to add protection with an additional piece of cardboard so the bottom doesn’t cave in from the weight.

You can further secure the actual wine bottles by wrapping them with packing paper, bubble wrap, old towels or t-shirts. Pack only sealed and corked bottles, and have a moving party with the rest!

Place each bottle within its individual slot. Once every bottle is placed, pick up the box and test its sturdiness. If the box feels like it’s going to give way or at all flimsy, open it back up and readjust the bottles, take some of the bottles out, or further secure and support the bottom.

After you’ve found a happy medium with your wine boxes and they all are ready to go, tape the box and label it accordingly. When the local moving company comes to pack your items, make sure you indicate to them the wine so they can take proper moving precautions.

Wine is the beverage of choice for some and for others, wine is life that goes beyond a hobby! To prevent an American tragedy of losing your most prized bottles in the move, buy wine-specific packing boxes, wrap them individually, secure the bottom, and notify the movers about the fragile items.

If you haven’t secured Portsmouth Movers yet, you still have time! Call us at Harrison Movers for expert wine transportation services!

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