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Moving With Kids

Moving can be stressful especially when young kids are involved. Nothing brings families together quite like stressful situations such as moving. And whether your family is moving down the block or across the country, moving can be an incredibly trying time — but it doesn’t have to be. At Harrison’s by Apple Moving, we understand…

The Home Stretch: Unpacking Your New Place!

The best tips for unpacking and finishing your move strong! There are many guides to a successful move — *ahem* moving is our business specialty — yet when it comes to the task of unpacking, there’s not much out there! So, after your local Portsmouth movers have unloaded everything and before you toast that the…

Follow These Four Tips For a Stress Melting Move During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful to begin with, so if you’ve added a Portsmouth move into the mix, stay sane and follow these stress-busting tips. Most have been through the moving process before, so you’ve heard all about how to properly pack, how to create the ultimate moving checklist and timeline, and how to plan for…