Making The Transition: Seniors And Moving: Part Two

January 20, 2018

In part one, we discussed the moving techniques and procedures when moving a senior from independent living to a facility. We talked all about downsizing — from sorting through old…

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Making The Transition: Seniors And Moving Part One

December 18, 2017

Transitioning a senior parent from independent living to an assisted living facility can be a very difficult decision for both parties involved. Giving up independence is life altering for a…

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How To Pack Your Record Collection

November 8, 2017

If you’re moving, you get the pleasure of packing up your entire space. You’ll get to go through things you didn’t even know still existed. Your childhood cast? Check. Your…

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How to Prepare for Movers: Part One

October 5, 2017

Preparing to move can be a stressful a time. You’re juggling the closing and moving dates on both your previous residence and the one you’re about to move into, all…

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Creating a Moving Timeline

April 18, 2017

Moving Preparation and Organization Getting ready to move requires a lot of effort. From getting boxes to booking movers, making sure have everything in line for a successful move can…

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What to Look For in a Mover

October 10, 2016

What Can A Moving Company Do For You? The time has come for you to leave the place you once called home. Over the years, you’ve accumulated so many things…

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Commercial Moving

September 10, 2016

Professional and Trustworthy Commercial Moving Getting the most out of your moving company is important to you. As a business owner, you want your move from one space to another…

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Make a Moving Timeline

August 10, 2016

Timeline Tips from Our Movers When it comes to moving, it’s of the utmost importance that you get, and stay organized. Getting your house and your family ready to move takes…

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How To Include Your Children

July 10, 2016

Including Your Children in Your Move Preparing for a move is quite a bit of work. From finding somewhere to live to make sure that everything is lined up for…

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Tips From Our Movers Part Three

June 10, 2016

Moving Company Pro-Tips Once again, we say thanks for joining us for our blog. In our last blog, we talked about how preparing your boxes in the best way is…

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Sunshine Of Our Day

In particular, I write about, Foster, Ronnie, and Kenny.  These three gentlemen were the sunshine of our day last week when they packed up our home of 33 years. You can well imagine that the weeks leading up to that move day were very very emotiona.

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Actual “pleasure!!”

The entire experience was one of actual “pleasure!!” I guess that seems to not be the appropriate word for a move, but in the case of your crew, we must say it was our pleasure.

John F. Daly, Jr. - Portsmouth, VA

Terrific performance

The United Way of South Hampton Roads moved its regional headquarters from downtown Norfolk, where it occupied three floors of office space to a new building in Norfolk Commerce Park. Our goal was for the move to successfully...

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Michael Hughes - President