1. The Home Stretch: Unpacking Your New Place!

    Moving is stressful enough and towards the end, you’re just over it. Get the best tips to unpacking and finishing your move strong! There are many guides to a successful move — *ahem* moving is our business specialty — yet when it comes to an e…Read More

  2. Use These Moving Hacks In Your Next Move!

    Moving is a process and takes time, energy, and organization — turn to no other than your local Portsmouth movers! We have covered extensively the many different parts of moving, from how to pack wine to moving with a disability. Moving is burdenso…Read More

  3. Money Saving Tips on Moving Supplies

    Moving can be surprisingly expensive — from hiring a moving company, to buying all the supplies you’ll need during the move — there are many hidden and unforeseen costs. So, you save money where you can so you can spend or save money on your ne…Read More

  4. How To Properly Pack Wine

    Moving, whether down the street or across the country, isn’t how most people want to spend their weekends — and if you have specialty collections like exotic plants, cars, or wine — it can make moving that much more difficult. At Harrison Movin…Read More

  5. Three Tips to Make Your Commercial Move Go Smoothly

    Packing and moving into a new space requires a lot of organization and positive attitudes! Moving a commercial business is more complicated than a residential move because not only do you have to prepare and pack up an entire office, there are also m…Read More

  6. Moving with a Disability: Movers Portsmouth

    Moving to a new space can induce stress and anxiety. You may have to figure out where you’re going and how to declutter and downsize your bobble head collection! Moving takes time and energy and if you’re a person living with a disability, the ch…Read More

  7. Making The Transition: Seniors And Moving: Part Two

    In part one, we discussed the moving techniques and procedures when moving a senior from independent living to a facility. We talked all about downsizing — from sorting through old documents and kitchen items to going through different rooms and as…Read More

  8. Making The Transition: Seniors And Moving Part One

    Transitioning a senior parent from independent living to an assisted living facility can be a very difficult decision for both parties involved. Giving up independence is life altering for a senior, and now as an adult, being the caregiver brings add…Read More

  9. How To Pack Your Record Collection

    If you’re moving, you get the pleasure of packing up your entire space. You’ll get to go through things you didn’t even know still existed. Your childhood cast? Check. Your report card from fifth grade? Yep. So, if you’re moving out from your…Read More

  10. Commercial Moving

    Professional and Trustworthy Commercial Moving Getting the most out of your moving company is important to you. As a business owner, you want your move from one space to another to be a quick and painless process. However, not working with the right …Read More

  11. How to Plan for Your Move

    When it comes to moving there is so much to consider. Beyond trying to find somewhere to new to live, you have to think about everything in between. That means booking a commercial mover as well as finding a potential storage space. With that said, y…Read More