So, you’ve finally closed on your new house and you’re all set to move in. While this is an exciting time in your life, it is also a busy one. Your work has only just begun, as it is time to start packing up your house. When getting ready to move, you might come across many issues whether it’s during the packing process, moving process, or the unpacking of everything. We know that you’re looking to make this move as painless as possible, and here at Harrison Moving, we’re looking to help with that. Here are some problems you might run into if you don’t hire a professional moving company.


  • Broken Furniture – Moving furniture is a lot harder than you expected. So, when you were trying to move the couch down the stairs, you dropped it. Not only is the couch broken, but you’ve damaged your house during the move.
  • Injury – Let’s face it, you’re not a powerlifter. So in the midst of your moving, your muscles got tired and when you tried to lift your bookcase you strained a muscle. Professional movers are used to all the lifting and squatting, which makes them less susceptible to injury than yourself.
  • Lost Items – When taking a look at all the items that you possess, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the project of having to pack it all. Then you forget to organize it properly, and some of your items get forgotten about and lost. Professional movers can help with that.


When it comes to moving there are many more problems you can face, especially when it’s an interstate move, or international move. Make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row by hiring a professional full service movers. That way you also have access to storage if you should need it.

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