Moving is stressful enough and towards the end, you’re just over it. Get the best tips to unpacking and finishing your move strong!

There are many guides to a successful move — *ahem* moving is our business specialty — yet when it comes to an equally stressful task of unpacking, there’s not much out there! So, after your local Portsmouth movers have unloaded everything and before you toast that the move is over, let’s dive into how to unpack and how to do it effectively without breaking (or throwing) things!

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Tips For Successful Unpacking

The wind can be taken from your sails when the local movers drive away — on one hand, you’re out of your old place, but on the other, you have a pile of boxes needed to be rearranged and put away. The unpacking fun has just begun! Below are a couple of ways to keep things organized and intact so you survive the feat of unpacking!

Begin with a fresh, clean start!

Cleaning is a great way to prepare to unpack and it just feels good! Vacuum, clean the windows, and spray the room with your favorite essential oil spray. Now you can begin the unpacking process.

Circulate the boxes to their homes.

If the movers unloaded everything into one room or the garage, start by moving the boxes to the rooms they’ll go into. It can feel overwhelming and rushed trying to get everything unpacked and put away and haphazardly throw caution to the wind, but just don’t! Take your time, get things organized and then divide and conquer.

Hopefully, everything was labeled so you can easily identify what room each box goes into.

Also, keep in mind, you don’t have to unpack everything in one fell swoop!

Find lamps and lighting first!

Have you ever moved into a home with little overhead lighting? It’s very common, and it can make unpacking at night very difficult. So, before the sun goes down, find your lamps and get them ready.

Unpack the most important rooms first.

Don’t forget this tip! You can get carried away, feeling like you’re making progress on the laundry room when you realized that you still need to eat and sleep there tonight! Keep that in mind! Unpack high priority rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom first!

Find what really sparks joy.

In an ode to Marie Kondo, once you’ve unpacked a little, you’ll realize you certainly don’t need everything. Reduce your clutter before the unpacking is even completed, and take a couple of boxes to donate!

Relax, breath, and order take-out!

There really is no need to rush unpacking, just don’t put it off too long — a month, too long! Make things easy on yourself and let someone else cook while you chip away!

The whole process of moving is stressful! And while having a plan is great, lean on the experts!

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