Moving in the summertime is very common because for most families it’s convenient — the kids are out of school, so making the transition into a new home can help ease everyone into the new school year. Moving hosts its own set of challenges and stressors, so if you’re searching for the “best local moving companies near me,” your search can end with Harrison Moving — the premier moving company in Portsmouth!

At Harrison Moving, we can help you with any kind of move and work with all abilities — from moving around the block to moving cross country. Ditch the stress of moving and hire the professionals, and in the meantime, learn the best tips for moving in the summer season.

Plan your move during specific times of the day.

If you live in an exceptionally warm climate, do yourself and the movers a favor by scheduling early in the morning. The early morning hours are significantly cooler and can help prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Plan your move with plenty of time to spare.

It’s always good to plan ahead, but especially in the summer. Summer is the busiest time to move, so moving companies get booked up quickly. Be sure to book the moment you know you’re moving and to avoid rushing around in the summer swell, pack early and stay organized!

Pack heat-sensitive items in your vehicle.

If you have a candle collection, instruments, or vinyl records that can succumb to heat, be sure to leave them out of the hot moving truck, and pack them last and haul them in your car.

Moving in the summer, despite its popularity, can bring additional things to consider when facing the summertime heat. To beat the heat be sure you schedule your movers early in the morning and well ahead of your moving date and pack heat-sensitive items last and in your car to avoid the hot moving truck.  

As always, choose Harrison Moving for the best, most reliable movers in the Portsmouth area!

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