Moving to a new space can induce stress and anxiety. You may have to figure out where you’re going and how to declutter and downsize your bobble head collection! Moving takes time and energy and if you’re a person living with a disability, the challenges that arise can present new and unique scenarios. To make your move smooth sailing, do yourself a favor and search for “movers Portsmouth” for the leader in residential moving — Harrison Moving!

Find out if you need accommodations in your new home.

When you move to a new place, oftentimes, they’re not optimized to your needs. Complete an assessment of things that need to be updated including:

  • Doorknobs
  • Door width
  • Height of all countertops (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Walkway ramp

Find out if you qualify for financial services to pay for local movers in Portsmouth.

Some people with living a disability may need additional assistance when moving, so investigate local organizations that can assist you financially in paying for the moving or even organize the whole event! Check out the National Institute on Life Planning For People With Disabilities, ADAPT, or the AUCD. Find out what type of assistance you’ll require in the move, and they can point you to the right people.

Hire reputable, local movers in Portsmouth.

This is one of the most crucial pieces in the move — the actual move! Once you’ve sorted and condensed your bobble head collection, it’s time to box them up. For ease, you can have friends help with packing, or you can hire a local moving company in Portsmouth for a full-service move, including packing. Once you’ve asked around and inquired with friends about the best moving company in Portsmouth, begin to schedule and coordinate a time for them to come in and help you move and transition into your new place.

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