Moving can be surprisingly expensive — from hiring a moving company, to buying all the supplies you’ll need during the move — there are many hidden and unforeseen costs. So, you save money where you can so you can spend or save money on your new space.

Whether your move is across town or in a new city across the country, we are the movers in Portsmouth that can accommodate all of your moving needs with care and ease to save you the stress and anxiety and get you into your new space quickly. If you’d like money saving tips for your next move, follow along in today’s blog.

Packing Supplies

If you’re packing up your home, you’ll want to take inventory on what kind of packing supplies you’ll need, things like boxes and containers, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and scissors.

Once you have a better understanding of what and how much you’ll need, you can begin budgeting and planning for your move.

Four Money Saving Tips on Moving Supplies

Buy Plastic Containers

Forget cardboard boxes and invest in plastic containers for moving, because they’re a moving necessity that you can use over and over. There is never an issue with finding plastic containers like there can be with boxes, and you can keep the items in the containers for storage. And, you’ll always find a purpose for storage containers. Buying containers can be expensive, so if you know you’ll be moving a little later down the road, begin looking for sales and collecting them along the way. Look at thrift stores or consider borrowing some from friends. Make your move easier with plastic containers and either store or stack them when you’re finished.

Look for Used Boxes

If buying plastic bins is a little out of your budget, you can always go on the hunt for used boxes. Local places such as liquor stores and coffee shops are a great place to snag a few. Most of the boxes you’ll find will be a bit smaller, but perfect for heavier items like books and smaller items.

Picking the right used box can be an art — find one that is strong and sturdy with no soft sides or damage from liquids. If you’re having a hard time finding used boxes, check online listings like Craigslist as a resource.

Try Garbage Bags

While garbage bags may not be ideal, they’re an item you already have. Garbage bags are prone to ripping so packing just anything in them is advised against, but they are great for clothing and bedding.

Packing Accessories

Packing accessories can get expensive so instead of paying high prices at convenience stores, check with dollar stores and discount chains first. These stores will typically have tape, markers, and sometimes boxes at great prices.

If you’re planning your next move and realized the unexpected expenses save money on plastic bins that you can use for many things or your next move, find used boxes, use garbage bags, and find packing accessories at discount stores.

Book your Portsmouth movers today and save time and energy on your upcoming move.  

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