When it comes to moving there is so much to consider. Beyond trying to find somewhere to new to live, you have to think about everything in between. That means booking a commercial mover as well as finding a potential storage space. With that said, you can take time to plan out your upcoming move by creating a timeline with deadlines for your list of “to-do’s.” Taking the time to plan your move can help save you time, money, and your sanity. With a strict plan that you adhere to, your move can become less stressful, and when life throws you a curve ball (as it tends to do), you won’t be blind sided, or worse set back from moving. So now that you’ve gotten to the point of knowing where you’re going to move and when, take the time to plan accordingly to make your move go a lot smoother.


  1. Collect Boxes – If your move is 9 months to a year away start collecting boxes. This is a great way to save some money on boxes and it also helps the environment when you reuse goods..
  2. Book a commercial mover – This is especially true if your move date is set during moving season, which is generally during the summer months. This way you won’t risk not being able to find movers and are get stuck doing the work yourself.
  3. Clean – This might be obvious to most, but once it gets down to the last few weeks of your move not only do you have to work on home improvements, and packing, but you’ll still have plenty of work to do, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Start deep cleaning 6 months out from your move  to make your life easier.
  4. Downsize – 3 months out is when you should start going through all of your belongings to see what you don’t need, or don’t use anymore. By the time you’re finished, your home will feel more spacious, and you’ll be better prepared to start packing.
  5. Hold a Garage Sale – After you’ve organized and gone through all your family’s belonging,  hold a garage sale. Make sure to advertise so you can get the most out of your garage sale, and save the money for your move!
  6. Rally the Troops – Just because you’re the adult organizing the move, doesn’t mean that you should have to do all the work. Put the rest of your family to work and begin showing them the reality of just how quickly your move is approaching.
  7. Pack – Obviously this is the main part about moving, but giving yourself enough time to pack is important for eliminating stress from the process. Try to start tackling this project no less than 6 weeks out.


Moving doesn’t always have to be a stressful process. Making appropriate plans will not only make you and your family’s lives easier, but if issues should arise, you will have enough time to be able to handle those issues. Collecting boxes, booking a commercial mover, cleaning, downsizing, and packing are all steps for making your move into your new home that much smoother. For more help with your move give Harrison Movers a call. Not only are they a respected moving and storage company, but they will get the job done right, and put your mind at ease when it comes to your upcoming move.


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